Your Participation in the 2020 Census is Crucial to You and Your Community!


There is No Risk So, Make Sure that You and Your Family Are Counted!


You count!


The Census information is critical. Did you know that the Census data is what determines the congressional district boundaries within states and is also used for state legislative districts and local boundaries like City Councils and school boards.

The Census information is critical to UPI as UPI receives federal funding through the Community Services Block Grant and funding is also based on poverty information, drawn from census data. In fact, much of the federal government bases spending decisions on census data.

Census data can determine how to allocate billions of dollars for programs that serve low-income families including Head Start, Medicare, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and other programs like the reduced-school lunch program for low-income children. Highway funding is also appropriated with census data. So, it matters! And you count! There are many other critical reasons for completing the Census form so please participate in the count.

UPI has a special grant for Trenton to make certain that all residents are counted. If you need assistance completing your Census form, or if you are concerned about how to fill out the form, please contact UPI at (609) 392-2822 Ext. 201 and staff members will help you. The Census can be completed online, by phone, or by mail.